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Altis V4+ AerobTec
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The AerobTec Altis V4+ is innovated version of Altis v4. It brings new sensor, OLED display and other improvements.

The AerobTec Altis v4+ is a barometric altimeter designed especially to record altitude of flying R/C aircraft with additional competition functionality, integrated OLED display and additional telemetry functionality. These functions are based on rules of F5J FAI and Altitude limiting competitions such as ALES, FxJ or LMR. It has very small dimensions and a low weight. The supplied application Altis Flight Manager cannot only read the information from the device and save it to the computer in various formats but it can display it in an advanced graph and process the flight information in many ways.

Note: information on Altis v4+site are valid also for regular Altis v4 unless stated otherwise

◾Memory: 3.9MB (approx. 15 hour record with 0.1s sampling)
◾Sample time: 0.1 - 25.5s (user selectable with step 0.1s)
◾Dimensions: 20 x 33 x 6.5mm, cable length approx. 10cm
◾Weight: 8g with JR cable
◾Power supply range: 4 - 12.6V
◾Logging: - altitude- voltage- temperature- throttle
◾Compatible with all existing competition rules (FAI F5J, ALES, etc.)
◾OLED display (configurable screen)
◾Telemetry support for Jeti model®, Multiplex® M-Link, Graupner® HOTT, Futaba® SBUS2*, FrSky® S.Port*
◾Upgradeable firmware
◾Integrated USB
◾Altis Flight Manager software for Windows

*)only with Telemetry Converter

  • Hergestellt von: AerobTec

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