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CNC AL and Delrin Leg Set (Black) - Blade 200 QX
Herstellernummer: 200QX729-K

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Hergestellt von: Rakonheli

1. Description:
- Compatible with Stock Kit and replacement Stock Plastic Motor Nuts and Landing Gear.
- Compatible with RKH's CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit (SKU: 200QX980, 981).
- Combine with Aluminum and Delrin material, made by CNC Machine.
- The landing is designed by Rubber material in order to reduce bounce when grounding.
- Optimized for weight and durability.

* Option (not included):
- 3mm LEDs (Blue, Green, Red, White) Combo (SKU: 200QX3LC) for custom the lights:
2. Usage:
- Use for Blade 200 QX.

3. Weight:
- Stock Plastic Motor Nuts and Landing Gear Set: 11.84(g) = 0.417(oz).
- CNC AL and Delrin Leg Set: 6.91(g) = 0.243(oz). Lighter weight than stock: 4.93(g) = 0.174(oz).


4. Included:
4 x CNC AL and Delrin Leg Set.

  • Hergestellt von: Rakonheli

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